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Electromagnetic Scan

This Trifield Meter has all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields. It measures both electric and magnetic fields, and is scaled to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced by each type of field inside a conductive body. It even measures radio and microwave fields. It finds much more electronic pollution than any other device.
Most homes and offices have hot spots with strong artificial electromagnetic fields, where chronic exposure may cause mental or physical problems. There are health and safety issues related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Even the EPA names these fields as suspected carcinogens.
I will use this Trifield Meter to scan your environment to measure high magnetic fields around TV screens, clocks, radios, microwave ovens, cellular phones, computer monitors, fluorescent lights, improperly grounded electrical equipment, electric blankets, (especially if the AC plug polarity is reversed) - even when in the OFF position if plugged in! And I will also scan many other common appliances or electronics as well as power lines near the home.
The three axis measurement (three dimensional) allows quick scanning of vehicles, homes, hallways, offices, and power lines, etc. I will also show you how to shield from both magnetic and electric fields, or let you know if it’s more convenient just to stay away from the area.
Price: $75
    * "This TriField Meter is extremely accurate. I am impressed!"
      - Anonymous

Serving all of San Diego County, Orange County, L.A. County, Temecula, Murrieta, and Riverside County.

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