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About Me

Mama Kim

I have many passions in my life. I have a lifetime of Feng Shui knowledge. I have been concerned and am experienced in Organization and Image and Etiquette Coaching for many years. I likewise have been a professional stock trader for 23 years. I was featured in Money magazine as one of the 20 top notch women traders in the U.S., of which I was ranked number one.

I'm an accomplished martial artist. I love the dance of Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. I like Social dance too. I'm also very passionate about the healing art; I've been trained by the best, and have worked with the best of doctors and chiropractors.

Our time on Earth here ends too soon and is too short!  

I would wish to present more or less impact on other peoples lives for the better by sharing some of my passions and experiences.

Serving all of San Diego County, Orange County, L.A. County, Temecula, Murrieta, and Riverside County.

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